Press Reviews


Tchaikovsky/Stolze: Onegin (The Royal Ballet, 2013)


‘Conductor Dominic Grier and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House fully deserved the loud roar of approval.’ 

Vera Liber,, January 2013 


‘Dominic Grier conducted the score with emotional heft.’

Debra Craine, The Times, 21/1/13 


‘The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, conducted by Dominic Grier, gave an impressive account of a score that soars between dramatic power and eloquent moments of touching intimacy.’

Graham Watts,, 21/1/13 


‘Ever-rising conductor Dominic Grier directs with force.’

Rachel Fellows, The Arbuturian, 21/1/13 


‘Dominic Grier in the orchestra pit gave an excellent account of the score.’

Mark Ronan,, 23/1/13 


‘Dominic Grier… produced orchestral playing of very fine quality, and the charm and emotional grip of the score came over beautifully.’

Mark Ronan,, 24/1/13 


‘J’ai été frappe par la musique, sublime sous la baguette de Dominic Grier.’

‘Quatre pas de deux d’Onegin’ in Grignotages de mimylasouris (blog)


Elgar: Symphony no. 1 

‘[Dominic Grier’s] vision of the work was apparent in every bar… The Salomon Orchestra gave a virtuoso performance, which left one gasping at both the sheer power of the music and the intelligence of the interpretation.’

Bob Briggs,, September 2010 


Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture 

‘I was hugely impressed by 24-year-old Grier’s performance of Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture.’

Tom Service, The Guardian, 14th July 2006 


Massenet: Phèdre Overture 

‘Dominic Grier [conducted] a full-blooded account of the [Massenet] overture.’

Andrew Maisel, 


After the interval, the orchestral playing went several notches higher as Dominic Grier conducted the fine overture to Phèdre.’

John Amis, John Amis Online, 21st July 2009 


Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire 

‘Conductor Dominic Grier handled the myriad moods of the evening skilfully, his understanding of Schoenberg both subtle and commanding.’

Josh Meggitt,, April 2005 



Copland: The Tender Land 

‘Ce Tender Land est une belle découverte musicale menée énergiquement par le jeune chef Dominic Grier très investi dans son orchestre et avec les chanteurs.’

ODB Opéra Forums Online 


‘On à plaisir a saluer… la direction vive, juste, aisée et intense du jeune chef britannique Dominic Grier.’

Renaud Machart, Le Monde, 5th March 2010 


‘Bras sûr, instinct remarquable des climats, le chef Dominic Grier donne une ampleur veritable au geste lyrique du Copland.’

Rémy Louis, Diapason, May 2010 


‘La partition de Copland est idéalement servie par l’Orchestre de l’Opéra de Lyon, qui dirige avec finesse Dominic Grier.’

Bruno Villien, Opera Magazine, No.50 

'Grand vainqueur de la soirée, le très juvénile Dominic Grier dirige son petit ensemble avec art et éloquence. On rêve de l’entendre confronté à une grande formation symphonique.' 

Jean-Charles Hoffelé, Concert, March 2010

Walton: Facade 

‘The orchestra [was] on electrically brilliant form under the talented Dominic Grier’

Michael Tanner, The Spectator, October 2008 


Stockhausen: Gruppen 

‘What we heard was a marvel ... the most convincing, gripping, sheerly beautiful realisation of Gruppen that I've heard.’

Paul Driver, The Sunday Times 

‘[The players] matched daring with skill, delivering the fiendish complexities of Gruppen with astonishing assurance ... Much of the microcosmic drama was caught here, too: a tribute to the young conductors, Tim Henty, Dominic Grier and Andrew Morley, who co-ordinated their widely separated battalions of players with exemplary coolness.’

Richard Morrison, The Times 


Dove: Diana and Actaeon 

‘Music by Jonathan Dove, beautifully conducted by Dominic Grier, was wonderfully expressive.’

Mark Ronan,, July 2012 



Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker 

‘Tchaikovsky’s shimmering score was played expertly by the Royal Opera House orchestra, conducted by Dominic Grier.’

Laura Dodge,, December 2011